ERIN McKEAN likes to call herself a Dictionary Evangelist. She is the CEO of the new online dictionary Wordnik. She was the editorial manager for the Thorndike-Barnhart Dictionaries at Pearson Scott Foresman, and was recently the editor-in-chief of the New Oxford American Dictionary, 2nd edition. She has served on the board of the Dictionary Society of North America and on the editorial board for its journal, Dictionaries. She is the author of Weird and Wonderful Words, More Weird and Wonderful Words, Totally Weird and Wonderful Words, and That’s Amore (also about words).

Wordnik: Notes from an Online Dictionary Project, which launched in 2009, is a very large, semi-crowdsourced, mostly-datamined dictionary of English. As we have worked to biuld the site, create and find new lexical information, engage users and contributors, and represent data in useful and interesting ways, we've discovered trends in dictionary use, information consumption, language change, and social signaling that have both surprised and encouraged us.

In addition to purely language-related discoveries, our findings related to laypeople's conception and understanding of a what a dictionary could or ought to be have been particularly interesting. The metaphors of dictionary use are extremely strong for native English speakers, and patterns of use have been much more normative than we expected.

Issues discussed will include: copyright, parsing, graphing, related terms, UGC and user management, search engine optimization, site search, audio, pronunciation transcription, licensing, and UI/UX.

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